Grand Stand Season Membership – Confirmation Letter

Congratulations you are now a Grand Stand Season Member for 2019 at the Oil Search National Football Stadium!

Your Grand Stand Season Membership Card will be ready for collection 48hrs after purchase.

You can collect your 2019 Grand Stand Season Membership card and welcome pack from Moore Printing’s Head Office – Scratchley Road, Badili on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm.

For convenience, please bring with you your transaction receipt and proof of identification with photo when collecting your season pass.

To ensure you understand all of your privileges which come with your season pass please take the time to review this page which outlines the Terms and Conditions of your purchase including the OSNFS Spectator Code of Behaviour.


Lee Pokarop
General Manager

Grand Stand Season Membership Terms and Conditions

The Grand Stand Season Member is entitled to one valid scanned entry per game for the 2019 Hunters at the Oil Search NFS. The Season Member is also entitled to Non-Game Day access to the stadium and designated facilities.

It is the responsibility of the season member to confirm game days and kick off times. The Hunters Oil Search NFS home game schedule is attached for your information. Dates and times could change.

The Grand Stand Season Membership card is transferable but the card holder is responsible for the behaviour of their guest who uses the card. It is the members’ responsibility to advise all users of the card of these terms and conditions.

Season Pass Holders/Members are responsible for their behaviour and that of their guests whilst attending events at the Oil Search NFS. Inappropriate language or behaviour will result in confiscation of the membership card, refusal of entry to the Venue or eviction from the ground. Penalties range from warnings to legal action and may also result in suspension or cancellation of membership entitlements.

Hunters season pass holders should refer to the banned item list displayed at the ground and on the TiketMastas web site.

Below is a recommended guide for Spector Code of behaviour for Hunters Season Pass/Membership Holders in 2019 and the Stadiums conditions of entry.

Season Members Code of Behaviour

Season Pass/Membership Holders attending a Match must:

  1. Respect the decisions of Match Officials and teach children to do the same.
  2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, race, colour, religion, language, political affiliation, national or ethnic origin.
  3. Not use violence in any form towards another person including fellow spectators, Players or Match/Team Officials (including Coaches).
  4. Not engage in acts of discrimination, harassment or abuse towards any person, including: a. the use of obscene or offensive language and/or gestures; b. the incitement of hatred or violence.
  5. Comply with all Terms of Admission including provisions relating to security screening, intoxication, and items that are prohibited by law or restricted by policy from being brought into the Venue.
  6. Not display, or attempt to display, the following items within the Venue: a. Political or racially divisive flags or emblems except for the recognised National flags of the competing teams; b. offensive or inappropriate banners in either English or a foreign language.
  7. Not throw missiles, projectiles or objects of any description at Players, Match Officials or fellow spectators.
  8. Not enter or attempt to enter the field of play or playing arena without Official Accreditation or Authority from Venue General Manager.

Any person who does not comply with this Spectator Code of Behaviour or who otherwise causes a disturbance may be evicted from the Venue and possibly Fined and banned from the Venue.

Conditions of Entry

In ensuring Spectator/Patron safety the National Football Stadium (NFS) Management reserve the right to refuse entry:

  • To any person who is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs.
  • To any person deemed to be behaving in a disorderly and unsociable manner
  • Any person that does not have a valid form of entry or who is unauthorised to be in the Stadium grounds.

General conditions

The following conditions of entry apply to all events held at the National Football Stadium.

  • Stadium management reserves the right to inspect/search bags of all persons who enter or exit the Stadium, regardless of size. This may include the touching of the bag and / or seeking assistance of the bag owner to remove items from the bag.
  • Persons gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Stadium or the venue’s playing surface may be liable for prosecution
  • Persons attempting to conceal their identity will be removed from the Stadium grounds.
  • Persons entering the Stadium accept they will be monitored by Closed Circuit Television.
  • Persons entering the Stadium accept the Stadium will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of personal property.
  • The National Football Stadium is a non-smoking venue. Patrons wishing to smoke should do so in marked areas
  • Persons are not permitted to remove Alcoholic beverages of any kind from the Stadium.
  • Persons are not permitted to wear or otherwise display any commercial (Ambush marketing), political or other offensive logos or signage.
  • All patrons may be subject to bag searches prior to entering the venue
  • Umbrellas may be brought into the Stadium but for the comfort of others should not be used when causing obstructed views of other patrons.

Illegal items

Persons are prohibited from entering the Stadium with any of the following items:

  1. drones, remote controlled airplanes
  2. alcohol, glass bottles;
  3. illegal substances – drugs, contraband;
  4. aerosol air horns;
  5. laser pointers, Marking Pens, Felt Pens, Spray Paint;
  6. Screw Drivers, Shanks, Weapons or Knives;
  7. musical instruments;
  8. poles, sticks or oversized flags;
  9. fireworks, flares or explosives;
  10. professional photographic, video and recording equipment;
  11. balls, frisbees, bicycles, skateboards, scooters or skates;
  12. any objects which may be used as missiles or weapons; and
  13. any item that Stadium Management considers inappropriate.

Such items may be confiscated by an authorised officer of the Stadium. The Stadium accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to items confiscated or left outside the Stadium.

Prams and strollers

For the safety of the general public during the course of an event and in the case of an emergency evacuation the following conditions apply to strollers:

  1. Strollers cannot be kept in aisles or other open areas that may impact on the safe passage of patrons.
  2. Strollers can only be stowed under the seats and in such a manner that they do not create a trip hazard to patrons moving between seats.